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Energy independence

Sun Energy
copra energy
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100% Renewable



Photovoltaic solar energy plants are quite common, complemented by batteries when solar production is down.

Diesel generators are usually associated with photovoltaic plants, to span periods of insufficient solar production and storage.

In Mana'Atiu power stations, diesel fuel is entirely replaced by biomass, in the form of coconut waste, husk and hull.

The coconut waste is shredded, then stored in an automatic hopper, which delivers fuel on demand to a furnace, usually at night time.

The furnace burns the coconut waste and heats water at 90°C, supplied to an ORC machine which produces electricity.

The entire biomass plant is housed in 3 - 20' containers, hurricane safe.

Mana'Atiu power plants are dimensioned to service isolated populations of 150 to 300 people.

A plant requires the waste of an annual copra production of 83.500 kg.

The environment is totally preserved, and spared all pollutions and stresses from diesel transport and burning.

75% of the production cost remains on the island, in the form of local coconut waste purchase, and local services to operate the plant.

Eau de coco

The company

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The Mana'Ātiu company is a Franco-Polynesian company, whose head office is in Burgundy, awaiting transfer to Polynesia.

It is composed of a group of Tahitians and French engineers, specialized in energy plants.

We bring together skills in all technical areas necessary for the design and construction of hybrid, photovoltaic/biomass power plants.

Mana'Ātiu is able to offer you a design perfectly adapted to your community, providing for (light) infrastructure works, energy production and storage, biomass station, management and control, logistics of transport and storage of coconut waste.

Our technical team can build your power plant anywhere in Polynesia, our technicians will regularly ensure the proper functioning of your plant.

La société
Faire du vélo sur la côte

" You are so far away.. "

“We would love to help you, but we don’t really know how”

“ It is difficult to provide you with electricity ”

That is not exactly correct.


In the 2010s, hybrid power plants were installed in 6 Tuamotu atolls. They run on solar energy during the day, with a generator at night and on days without sun. They consume fuel oil, which must be brought from Papeete, which pollutes and costs more and more.


We will do better!


Dear friends of the islands, you have sun and coconut trees. That's all you need to become energy independent, thanks to Mana'Ātiu hybrid power stations.

Coprah farmers, don’t throw anything away!

Once the water and pulp have been collected, carefully keep the hull and husk of the coconuts, because in the absence of sunlight, this is how you will become producers of your own energy.

In addition, these wastes will be purchased from you, and you will be able to significantly improve the income you earn from copra exploitation.

If you are not the tavana of your community, alert him. Tell them that funding is available to make your island energy self-sufficient.

Make the request to the competent authorities so that the necessary equipment is made available to you.

We will be happy to come and meet you, and explain in detail how a Mana'Àtiu power plant will provide you with competitively priced and 100% renewable energy.

See you soon.

The Mana'Àtiu team

copra energy
Hybrid power plant
Mana'Atiu hybrid power plant
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Thanks for contacting us !

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